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Petroleum Group is an independent fuel distributor

With worldwide, C.I STORM GENERAL PETROLEUM TRADING GROUP sells and distributes the products of the highest quality and expert services for fleets, refineries, gas stations, biofuel plants, our company is a solution provider of oil, biofuels, chemical catalysts, Oleochemicals and various types of raw material used in the global energy system. Having alliances with fuel terminals around the world that allows us to safely and effectively transfer products. We work with our clients to understand the complex logistics of the balance and inventory od Oceanic and terrestrial transport of hydrocarbons. Making sure that every order arrives in the place and time indicated by our client, we carry out suppliers of fuel. C.I STORM GENERAL TRADING PETROLEUM has strategic partners around the world. Our extensive global network of fuel suppliers allows us to continuously deliver all grades of gasoline, Diesel oil and biofuel competitively priced for sale to the wholesale. Partnering with our company will allow you to streamline company operations and simplify your business.